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Graduation Cap Topper

Graduation Cap Topper

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 (NOT PAINTED), whether you're in a time crunch, or you want something easy and affordable for your big day! 

Once printed, graduation cap decorations are easy to apply to your graduation cap up to minutes before graduation.


Each printed graduation cap decoration comes with the following:

~ 9.25 X 9.25 printed paper topper
~ Double sided adhesive to attach to your cap


How to apply graduation cap decoration to your graduation cap:

You can attach your graduation cap decoration permanently or to be removed after your graduation ceremony.

1. Locate the top of your graduation cap.
2. Place the top corner of your graduation cap decoration in line with the top corner of your graduation cap. Carefully place over the button to make sure it will align appropriately.
3. Apply craft glue to your graduation cap and attach your graduation cap decoration, or use double sided tape to you can remove the topper if needed.
4. Place your graduation cap on your head and walk across that graduation stage with a big smile!